Nowadays people should think of pictures as being manipulated, until proven otherwise. It is getting easier every year to change fundamental parts of images and to alter the meaning entirely. The influences of such possibility should be known and respected whilst working on such a project.

the project

The topic of perception is very far reaching. Which is why this assignment also included finding a suitable subtopic through research. This project shows phobias as part of day-to-day life.
The images are split into two halves, one portraits the phobia waiting on the subjective camera, the other shows an unhealthy alternative, that people suffering of phobias would rather take than risking a confrontation.

the result

fear of spiders (arachnophobia)

fear of public transport (amaxophobia)

fear of suffocation (claustrophobia)

magazine cover (german magazine Der Spiegel)


Dieses Projekt ist im Wintersemester 2020/2021 im Studiengang Digital Media im Fach Bildkonzeption an der Technischen Hochschule Ulm entstanden.
Projektinitiator, Projektleiter und fachlicher Betreuer: Prof. Manfred Gaida.
Autor und inhaltlich Verantwortlicher: Markus Leukel.
Das Projekt ist urheberrechtlich gesch├╝tzt. Alle Rechte liegen bei dem Autor bzw. bei der Technischen Hochschule Ulm.